Moroccan Basbousa

Moroccan Basbousa

Moroccan Basbousa is one of the most famous sweets in Morocco due to its good taste and also because of its association with occasions, religious feasts and the month of Ramadan

Also given its cost, it is very cheap and available to all segments of society

:  To prepare this sweet we need
  1.  Two eggs
  2.  One hundred grams of sugar
  3.  One hundred milliliters of oil
  4.  Two hundred milliliters of orange juice
  5.  Peel one grain of oranges
  6.  Two bags of sweet yeast
  7.  Yogurt flavored with vanilla
  8.  Sixty grams of flour
  9.  Two hundred grams of semolina
  10.  Fifty grams of almonds

:  The way to prepare basbousa is

We put the eggs in a container and then add a hundred grams of sugar and mix well until the sugar dissolves and then we add orange peel and add a hundred milliliters of oil and stir the mixture until it is homogeneous

After the mixture is homogeneous, add two hundred milliliters of orange juice and white flour to it, and add two sachets of sweet yeast and yoghurt. If yogurt is not available, it can be replaced with a glass of milk

After the mixture becomes more homogeneous, we add two hundred grams of semolina and mix it until we get the final mixture

We take a skillet, wipe it with oil, and sprinkle it with flour so that the mixture does not stick to the pan

We pour the mixture into the pan and put it in the oven to a low degree

:  To prepare the siru we need

We cook a hundred and fifty milliliters of water with eighty grams of sugar and put with the mixture a hard orange peel and leave the mixture until it becomes like honey about ten minutes

:  Decorating method

We take the basbousa out of the oven and punch it in small holes

  Then pour the siro over it and let the basbousa be homogeneous with the siro

Then we can decorate the basbousa with almonds or dry coconut

Have a good meal

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