Moroccan tea

Moroccan tea                                                            

Morocco is the most African country that consumes tea and it is among the countries in the world that consumes tea due to Moroccans' love of tea. This is due to the Moroccan culture and its association with tea on all occasions and weddings

Also, Moroccan tea is known for its diversity according to each region. Tea in southern Morocco is not tea in northern Morocco. Every region has its own tradition of making tea

Now we will be making Moroccan tea, there will be little difference from one region to another, but on the whole this is Moroccan tea

:  To make Moroccan tea we need
  • Moroccan teapot for tea can be used or an ordinary jug
  • Two tablespoons of green tea
  • Green mint is better to be Moroccan mint
  • Sugar according to each person's desire
  • Boiling water according to the amount of the jug

How to prepare

Boil water well in the jug with enough quantity

After the water boils well, add two tablespoons of green tea

We also add sugar in sufficient and desired quantity

Then we put the jug over the heat at a moderate temperature to boiling point

After the tea boils, add green mint

Leave the tea for a while until it mixes well

Moroccan tea is usually drunk in breakfast or afternoon tea as desired, preferably with Moroccan sweets

have a good meal

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