moroccan pastilla with fish

moroccan pastilla with fish

The Moroccan pastilla is one of the most delicious dishes in Morocco, due to its good taste as well as its cost. It is affordable for everyone and can also be prepared through the remaining food in the house that remains of the fish

The Moroccan pastilla consists of several types there are fish pastilla and chicken pastilla Today we will know how to prepare fish pastilla

:  The ingredients we need

Four hundred grams of kalmar  -
Two hundred grams of shrimp  -
Two hundred grams of white fish  -
One hundred and twenty grams of Chinese noodles  -
Two hundred grams of filo or pastilla paper  -
One hundred grams of butter  -
Sixty grams of rubbed cheese  -
Sixty grams of chopped parsley  -
Two tablespoons of sauce  -
Half a lemon juice  -
Chopped medium onion  -
Three cloves of garlic  -
Half a lemon canned chopped small pieces  -
Teaspoon of turmeric  -
Half a teaspoon of cumin  -
Half a teaspoon of salt  -
A teaspoon of soft ginger  -
Half a teaspoon of dry black pepper  -
A teaspoon of red pepper  -
saffron  -


:  how to prepare

We take a container with hot water and put the Chinese noodles and leave it for two minutes after that we filter and leave it aside
After that we take a frying pan and put it on the fire and then put a little butter in it and then add the kalmar and add garlic to it and then add the onion then add the spices and stir the mixture well and leave it over the fire for five minutes

When the mixture becomes homogeneous, add white fish and shrimp pieces, stir the mixture, and at the same time add the lemon juice, saffron, and citrus lemon, and leave it on the heat for five minutes

Then pour the mixture into a bowl and add the Chinese noodles to it, as well as add the parsley and mix all the ingredients well, then leave it aside to cool

After that we take a circular oven plate and we wipe it with a little butter and then we take the filo paper or pastilla paper and half it in the oven plate then we wipe it with butter from the inside and it is better to use more than one sheet of pastilla paper and then we pour the filling in the oven plate and put cheese over it Finally, we put the pastilla paper on top and wipe it with butter, then put it in the oven
Until it becomes red and can be decorated from the top by cutting the lemon or shrimp pieces, or as desired

have a good meal

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