Tajin Meat with plum

Tajin Meat with plum 

Meat with Moroccan plum is among the most popular foods in Morocco due to its good taste, as well as its association with religious occasions such as Eid al-Adha, as well as weddings and weddings. No Moroccan wedding is devoid of a platter of meat with plum

:  Ingredients we need to prepare

A kilo and a half of meat  -
One hundred milliliters of oil  -
Four cloves of garlic  -
A teaspoon of cinnamon  -
a small spoon of salt  -
A teaspoon of food coloring  -
Teaspoon of ginger  -
A teaspoon of black pepper  -
A little free saffron  -
Two onions, chopped  -

A sufficient amount of water varies according to the type of pot and the type of meat

:  how to prepare

Initially we prepare the spices in a bowl and put fifty milliliters of oil and the rest of the spices (cinnamon, salt, ginger, black pepper, colored food, saffron) then we mix the spices well with the oil and then we take the meat and put it in the  mixture of the spices and leave it for five minutes

We take a tagine (if it is not available we can take a pot) we put fifty milliliters of oil in the tagine then put the meat over the tagine and cut the garlic and put it on the meat as well as the chopped onions and leave the tagine for five minutes after that we turn the meat and leave it for ten minutes

After that we open the tagine and take the pot in which we put the spices in it and pour a glass of water in it and stir it well and put it in the tagine and then we leave the tagine for an hour

:  To decorate the dish we need

Two hundred grams of dried plum  -
A tablespoon of sesame  -
Tablespoon of butter  -
Water Cup  -
Cinnamon sticks  -
Two tablespoons of sugar  -
One hundred grams of reddish almonds  -

We put a glass of water in the pot and leave it to a boil, and then we put the dried plum and leave it for five minutes, and then we remove half of the amount of water and add cinnamon sticks, a spoon of butter and two tablespoons of sugar and stir the ingredients between them until they are tender

And put the sesame in the oven until roasted

have a good meal

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